REMAINS is a collection of twenty-two horror short stories and one novella for one low price. If you buy this collection, there is no need to buy any other stories online that were published between 2004 & 2011.

(Stories from Cadaver Eyes, Breathing in the Past, Skeleton Kisses, Gristle & Porcelain: Dead Dolls or Boogaloos are all included here.)
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About the Book
  • Soul Mates – A woman searches for a lover only to find him in a haunted house.
  • – Crimson Hearts – A woman waits for her long-lost love to return so she can capture his heart forever.
  • – Cassandra’s Playground – A child finds graveyard playmates after her mother dies.
  • – Breathing in the Past – A man mysteriously returns to his teenage years to talk to his dead parents.
  • – Hooferdog – An abusive step-father gets what he needs in a laundromat.
  • – Hunger – A creepy monster rises from the floorboards looking for food.
  • – Uncommitted – A married woman is tired of her life and innocently meets a man in a bar that travels with her to a funeral home.
  • – Prairie Santa – Santa brings a little girl’s wishes to life while body parts drip from his bag of goodies.
  • – Practise Makes Perfect – Two children home schooled in their parent’s business: the running of a Funeral Home.
  • – The Last Regiment (Sci-Fi Version) – Two men hide in an underground bunker preparing for a war that has already been.
  • – Ice Maidens of Rattling Brooke – An artist searches for Newfoundland landscapes to paint, and discovers one iceberg’s makeup is far different than the rest.
  • – Terror Time – Two kids find out that they may have been adopted by more than a mother and father.
  • – The Glass Cross – A home that is a tough sell bears a cross that shatters peoples lives.
  • – The Storyteller – A man discovers racism is everywhere and no matter where he goes, it’s out to hunt him down.
  • – Grannies – A grandmother comes back from the dead to help her family.
  • – The Predator – Sometimes Christmas can be dangerous.
  • – ROH! – Two teens find there’s more happening at a local farmhouse than just older people growing pot.
  • – Familiar Strangers – A boy finds that a new schoolmate is more like his grandmother than a friend.
  • – The Last Regiment – Two men taking cover from war discover more than recognizable enemies.
  • – Spineless – After a horrific rainstorm, lovers Billy Quinn and Denise Chandlers race to where Billy works, a cemetery, only to find overturned markers and a silver-dollar sized hole drilled into the earth beside a charred grave stone.
  • – Vampyre’s Crusade – Israfel Blackstone convinces a friend to travel over Vancouver Island to find a special box that is buried near a Garry Oak tree and bring it home.
  • – 30-Minute Delivery – Detective Harry Stinger has just received another email message giving him 30 minutes to discover a killing and the killer before the murder happens.
  • Boogaloos – (Novella)

– Crozier Buck’s best years seem behind him…

He is a haunted man….

He wants to be out of sight, out of mind…

Unbeknownst to him, however, Fate has other plans….

From the post office comes Douglas E Wright comes a supernatural tale of love, loss… and mortality.

Genres: Horror, Supernatural, Thriller
Publisher: Dark Carnival Studios
Publication Year: 2014
Format: Kindle
Length: Short Stories
List Price: $14.99 USD
eBook Price: $4.99 USD
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